Time: Use it Wisely

Have you ever figured out how much of your life you spend sitting behind the wheel of your vehicle. If you drive your car 25,000 miles in a year, you are sitting behind the steering wheel of your car somewhere between 500 and 600 hours. That’s an average. What do you do with all this time? You are either wasting it or investing it wisely.

If, in the coming year you knew you would have between 12 to 15, forty-hour weeks, which you could devote to improving your ability in an area of your life you consider important, what would you study? Think about this. You can turn your automobile into a learning centre.

The other day I had an occasion to drive to Rochester, New York and back. I could have flown over but I decided to drive. For seven hours I listened to exciting recordings from a convention held by the National Speakers Association. I heard a number of great speeches, the time went by fast and I received a few ideas, which I know will improve my business.

You could learn a language in a relatively short period of time if you only studied the language while you are driving. Time has become very important. Successful people are forever attempting to make better use of their time. It is much like the dollar bill – once you have spent it you cannot get it back.

Personally, I have been using my driving time to develop my potential, since tape decks were first installed in automobiles. It has become a habit. I could add it is one of the most valuable habits I have. It would be difficult to think of a subject you could not study while driving. Six hundred hours is a long time. Choose to use it wisely.

Bob Proctor

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