Close the Door

Close the Door on Your Past and Keep It Closed

by Napoleon Hill

I have heard it said that you never really get over the death of a loved one. This is so in the sense that every circumstance of your life, every joy and every sorrow, has an effect in shaping you into what you are. But you have great control over the way it shapes you—never for that!

I am not one of those who believe in doing away with the natural emotion of sorrow when death occurs. Ears and sorrow are provided by nature as a safety valve for the overflowing emotions. Yet most people wait too long to close the door on morning; or they never close it. We say: “There is no use in worrying over something you can’t control.” Yet we worry over death for unconscionable periods of time, knowing all the while we cannot control it.

The physical body comes from the air and the soil and goes back to the sources from which it came. Perhaps the mental and spiritual portions and some mysterious essence of life also go back to sources we can sense but cannot discover. So be it! Carry along with you not the pain you knew what a loved one died, but rather the positive and sustaining memories. As life is a natural process, so death is also.

Napoleon Hill



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