How To Achieve Creative Vision

How To Achieve Creative Vision

by Napoleon Hill

Personal achievement, power, fame and riches: each has a definite price, and the man with creative vision not only knows the price but is willing to pay it.

The man with creative vision understand the benefits of sharing his blessings, his experiences and his opportunities with others, for he recognizes that only by this method can he attain and enjoy enduring prosperity, happiness and the respect of other men.

The man with creative vision also understands that combined creative vision of several minds, directed toward a definite end in a spirit of harmony, is the very heart of the master mind principle and that this type of creative vision is a tremendous source of power.

If you feel that there may be a need for creative vision as a guiding force in your life, you might begin to develop it by getting on better terms with your own conscience, inspiring yourself with greater self-reliance, providing yourself with a definite major purpose in life, and keeping your mind so busy with that purpose that you have no time left for fear and doubt.

You might also adopt the habit of the silent hour during which you will be alone with yourself and your Creator. This is one hour you cannot share with any other. You must go into the silence alone, and when you are there, you must speak for yourself. Nothing will happen in your life except that which you inspire by the use of your own initiative.

Nothing of great importance ever happens to anyone without some exercise of personal initiative.

Creative vision is the power which inspires the development of personal initiative.

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