Personal Relationships

Personal Relationships

by Napoleon Hill

It is little wonder, therefore, that many people meet with failure throughout their lives, if we stop to consider that nature forces human beings to absorb and become a part of their daily environments. The most important part of any man’s environment is his association with other people. If this association is not one of harmony, the inevitable result is failure.

Successful men choose their daily associates as carefully as they choose their food, and they make sure that their environment is harmonious and thus constructive and beneficial to themselves and to others as well. And they spend no time in the company of people who do not contribute something to their welfare!

“Selfish!” some will exclaim. No, not necessarily selfish. Particular would be the better word.

Successful men know that their lives are influenced by those with whom they associate most intimately, and they so arrange their human relationships that they are influenced in a beneficial way.

It is every man’s duty to achieve personal success, and every normal person desires to be successful in his chosen occupation. Inasmuch as success is inseparably associated with human relationships, it is an important part of a man’s duty to choose his associates with great care.

The successful man may have sympathy for the man who is a failure, but he will not permit it to contaminate his own mind with the defeatist’s mental attitude. He will recognize that it would be better for him to suffer loneliness than to associate intimately with those whose minds are contaminated with thoughts of failure and distress.

Napoleon Hill



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