The Four Types of Decisions

The Four Types of Decisions

–Adam Sicinski  IQ Matrix

The other typical way we make decisions is through a rational process that involves a great deal of thought and attention. This rational decision-making process rests on four types of decisions:

1.Decisions only you can make.

2.Decisions others can make for you.

3.Decisions you cannot afford to make.

4.Decisions you cannot afford not to make.

On the surface, these four decisions might not have much significance, however if you put these decisions into the context of your life, you will find that they become of extreme importance. Let’s take a look at this in a little detail.

There are certain decisions that you must make by yourself throughout the day. Things like brushing your teeth, choosing what clothes to wear, taking a bathroom break, eating lunch, etc. These are decisions that you probably make alone without the need for consent. Then there are decisions that other people can make for you. These decisions will of course vary depending on your age, life and circumstances. However, what’s significant here is that you are putting some decisions in the hands of other people, for better or worse. These other people are making these decisions for you, and they are therefore controlling the direction of your life. more…

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