You Must Acquire Practical Experience Too

Adults – Little Children Grown Tall

by Napoleon Hill

In a sense, adults are only little children grown tall, and we do best that which we have been influenced to wish to do. We also resent being forced to do anything. This is an inherent trait of all mankind, and it prevails at all ages, under all circumstances. Everyone likes the freedom with which he may move on his own initiative. Destroy this freedom and you retard the mental and spiritual growth of the individual. You might also say that you retard economic and financial achievements the moment you destroy the desire for personal freedom based on the privilege of personal initiative. Organized thought leads to spiritual and mental growth provided it is expressed through action. One does not grow spiritually or mentally by thought alone. Growth is the result of thought expressed through voluntary and definitely controlled habits of action.

Ability, in its most effective form, is the result of thought expressed through organized action. Theory forms a helpful background for ability, but it is not enough to insure success. That is why the college graduate must acquire practical experience before he becomes a man of ability. Theoretical learning is an essential foundation of education, but it is only a foundation. An educated person is one who has developed his mind through a combination of theory and practice so that he can shape any set of circumstances to meet the requirements of his desires and deeds.



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