Creed of Thanksgiving for Riches

Creed of Thanksgiving for Riches

by Napoleon Hill


Money is the most common form of wealth and hence financial security is the most sought-after goal. Our entire national economy is based on the profit motive and let us hope that nothing ever happens to remove or stifle that incentive of reward for personal initiative. It is the basis of the American way of life.

Is it any wonder then, that the desire for wealth or gain is a powerful motive for action? Uncontrolled, this desire leads to greed. When it is controlled and guided by a worthwhile definite goal, it is a source of constructive action which may bless and enrich the lives of men and women.

Our suggested creed concerning material riches may be summarized in a few short statements:

I give thanks daily, not for mere riches, but for wisdom with which to recognize, embrace, and properly use the great abundance of riches I now have at my command. I have no enemies because I injure no man for any cause, but I try to benefit all with whom I come in contact, by teaching the way to enduring riches. I have more material wealth than I need because I am free from greed and covet only the material things I can use while I live.



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