Room of Mirrors

“The other day I was speaking with a dear friend who was sharing her situation with me and it wasn’t exactly pleasant. Her husband was very unhappy, critical of everyone and most everything. He didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. She explained he acts as if everyone and everything is against him.

The lady’s description of her husband reminds me of something that I read years ago about the person whose mind was like a room with mirrored walls. It wouldn’t matter which way he looked, all he was ever able to see was himself and his situation.

He would not be able to invoke the law of relativity. Not being able to compare his life with most of the world’s population, he would never know, by comparison, that he was living much like Solomon in all his splendor and glory.

Actually, thinking only of himself caused this man’s down and out attitude. Most, if not all, of his problems would be solved if he replaced the mirrored walls of his mind with windows. Then he would see what an absolutely fascinating world we live in – full of colour, interesting people, and opportunity. There would be so many challenging things to do and places to go that he would forever be scrambling for time.

When an individual is super sensitive, jumps at conclusions and allows him or herself to be negative, they are showing their immaturity. By replacing the mirrors with windows, this high level of sensitivity can be converted into awareness and negative impressions made to serve as a stimulus for creative thought. This, in turn, will lead to happiness, peace of mind and a fulfilled life.”

Bob Proctor


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