Your Daily Drudgery

“I chose daily running to help me develop a higher degree of self-mastery. Teddy Roosevelt chose a variety of physical activities and exercise. It doesn’t matter what you choose, but it has to be something you have to force yourself to do. It also has to be something you can do daily. Finally, it should be something with beneficial side effects (e.g., exercise provides the benefit of physical fitness, increased energy, increased confidence, improved cognitive function, etc.).

Your daily drudgery can be any form of exercise such as running, weight training, swimming, biking, walking, aerobics, yoga, or martial arts. The choices of exercise are nearly endless. But it doesn’t have to be exercise or physical activity. It can be practicing an instrument, educational reading or writing, correspondence through letters or e-mail, etc. The act itself is not important; the consistency of the act is. It’s the self-discipline, the resolve, and the commitment that results from consistently doing something you hate every day that builds self-mastery.”

~ Jack D. Hodge   from The Power of Habit

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