3285 Ways To Be More Successful

3285 Ways To Be More Successful

By Laura Posey

Years ago I learned that successful people adopt an “attitude of gratitude” along the path to their success. But what is it really and how does it help?

Gratitude is simply a mindset of appreciation. It is a way of thinking that highlights what is going right in your world rather than your problems.

Gratitude can change your life in so many ways:

  • Gratitude creates a chemical cocktail in your brain that awakens your senses and taps into your creativity and ingenuity
  • Gratitude makes you happy and happy people are more likeable. People who are more likeable make more sales, are better leaders and get more attention than others.
  • Gratitude ensures that you give others the credit they deserve for helping you. When you recognize others’ contributions, they are more likely to continue supporting you.

If you want to develop your own attitude of gratitude, do this simple exercise.

Each day, when you wake up, when you walk into the office and when you lay your head on your pillow, think about three things that you’re grateful for.

They can be big things like your health or small things like having a reliable car to get you from place to place. If you have a small pad of paper, it is helpful to keep a list of each item.

Each time you practice, try to come up with something that you haven’t already thought of.

After just one week you will have over 60 things that you’re grateful for.

In a single year, you will discover 3285 reasons to be thankful and small steps toward your success.


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