Looking for Problems?

That issue is to look for problems in life even when there are frankly none.

I found myself doing this quite often in the past.

And I think it in part came from snapping back into my old mindset. I used to be much more negative and see problems everywhere for many years. My mind was conditioned to operate that way and so used to it.

So on some days I sat around and suddenly realized while thinking that I was looking for a problem in a situation or an area of my life where there was none.

Here’s what helped me to minimize this issue to the point that it hardly ever shows up anymore.

1. A daily reminder.

One thing that was really useful for me when I started to work on overcoming this was to have this written down on my whiteboard on my wall to remind me each day: “There is no problem”.

In the vast majority of situations it was the truth.

2. Stop! Who cares?

Nowadays, if I am faced with what I start to think is a problem I first shout or say in my mind: Stop!

This helps me to not start building a mountain out of a molehill. I follow it up right away with asking myself:

Who cares?

I most often then realize that this isn’t really a problem in the long run at all.

I sometimes also add this question to really drive the point home to myself and to let go of what I may at first have seen as a problem:

Will this matter in 5 years? Or even 5 weeks?

This combination tends to work really effectively.

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