Success is something we all want.

Napoleon Hill found, through a lifetime of research on the subject of success, that there definitely was a common denominator in the lives of the successful people he studied. They all had a clearly defined goal. The goal was not something they wished for or approached timidly. They staked their very existence on the accomplishment of their goal.

Do you have a goal?

Do you have an objective that you are prepared to stake your very existence on?

Hill went on to explain that when you mentally lock into a goal in this manner, you will never again submit to failure. He did not say you would never again fail. The key word in his instruction is, in my opinion, submit.

In other words, failures will come; you will automatically realize you have merely found another way, which does not lead you to your chosen destination. This beautiful truth will permit us to understand how Thomas Edison kept pursuing his goal despite three thousand failures. Check your goal. Make certain it is properly set and, as Churchill said, “Never, never, never give up”.

Remember … Success is the progressive realization of a goal. It is not reaching the goal but pursuing the goal. When your goal is set, and you are working toward it, you are a success. Act like a successful person. Think like a successful person. Walk like a successful person, and most certainly, talk like a successful person. Failing is part of succeeding – an important part.

Don’t submit to failure. Keep going. You must find a way!

Bob Proctor

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