The 8 Things You Need To Stop Doing

The 8 Things You Need To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful

–Elite Daily

1. Don’t snooze today.

The way that you start the day basically dictates how the rest of your day will go. It is these first thoughts that you have that will either have you getting off to a good start or off to no start. When you hit that snooze button in the morning, what goes through your head? Is it: Woohoo let’s start the day! But let me just sleep for another 10 minutes.

Or is it: F*ck…not again. Why?! Why, does it have to be morning already?! Oh what I would give not to get up right now…that’s it, I’m hitting the snooze button. Each time that you hit the snooze button, you are telling yourself that you would be better off staying in bed — that getting up and starting your day is not something that you want to do. You begin your day with negative thinking. Negativity is a disease — don’t be the one to infect yourself.

2. Don’t multitask.

There are two sorts of things that one does: those that are worth doing and those that aren’t. Anything that is worth doing should be given focus unto. Anything worth doing ought to be done properly; if you aren’t going to give something your fullest attention, then don’t bother doing it. Not only will you produce half-assed results, research now shows that multitasking makes you dumber. So not only will your work suffer, but so will your IQ.

3. Do not give mind to those that don’t deserve it.

A person either matters to you and plays a significant part in your life or they are of little to no importance. People affect us profoundly. The words a person speaks, his or her actions — towards us or around us — their energy and state of mind all affect us whether or not we wish it so. If you ever find yourself asking yourself why the hell you are hanging out with this idiot, then you have found yourself in a situation you should not be in.

The world is full of ignorant people. I’m not one to believe dumbness to be the key underlying factor, but rather the ignorance that allows these morons to accept their idiocy, to be their true fault. If your goal is to see the world from as many perspectives as possible, as it ought to be, then you have no place standing next to a dumbass — far less to be fraternizing with one. Only spend time with those who are worth it. If you could care less, then do something else…continue…


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