Failure Time

Regardless of how you look at your stay here on this earth you must admit, life is short. You and I possess the potential to make out of our life whatever we choose. We all get the same amount of time every day, we get all there is. To waste any of this precious commodity we refer to as time is a disgusting thought to my mind. Unless I am extremely tired I even resent the time I spend unconscious each night or should I say most nights … there are occasions when I do not sleep at night.

Now listen closely, because if you have never figured this out what I am about to say will, hopefully, shock you into a more exciting way of life.

The average person spends four hours each day in front of their television set. That adds up to ten and a half years between the age of two and sixty-five. Add that to the twenty-one years they spend sleeping, which is what eight hours a night works out to, and you will realize that exactly one half of the sixty-three years I am referring to is spent either totally unconscious or in front of a vacuum tube creating a head to match.

Think about it, thirty-one and a half years either in front of a TV or sleeping. This is not an indictment against TV, and I agree, we must rest, but this is ridiculous! If you truly wanted to accomplish something in this life and you happen to fall into the category I am referring to, you know what to do. If you just cut back two hours a day on each of these two areas you would add sixty, twenty-four hour days to each year. That is a lot of time. You could enjoy a richer life. Over the sixty-three years I am referring to, you would have an extra ten years to accomplish whatever you choose. That is a lot of time we will all spend. How are you going to spend it?

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