The Remedy?

The media, the movies, the TV shows, the internet
all feature the most horrifying events, so that their ratings
will be high…but not because they reflect true reality.

We input all that massive fearful information
and then meet with our associates and family members
to imbibe their pessimism, worries, complaints and warnings.
Soon the avalanche is total.

The remedy?

It is to personally declare yourself immune to this
and remove your thinking from it. Then nurture the creative
and courageous side of you…the true you…that has always
wanted to come out and play.

To do this is not easy. It takes a bold step to move
away from the maddening crowd.

But once you’ve cultivated the fearless you …you can always return.

You can go back to the office, the family gatherings,
but now you are new. Now you are a beam of fresh light.
And people will be drawn to you, because courageous optimism
and creativity are so magnetic. It’s so rare. It’s irresistible.

Steve Chandler

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