Rebekah’s Thoughts on Mark’s Coaching

Struggling through the changes of a divorce and mourning the loss of my brother and grandparents from the previous year, I managed somehow to pull myself out of bed and make it to my referral group meeting.  Stuck in my head and feeling sorry for myself I am present for the meeting physically but not mentally.  We go through our usual introductions and commercials I noticed a new person has joined our group.  Introducing himself as Mark Johnson, a life coach, he proceeded to give a presentation on his history and what life coaching is.  As he is speaking I begin to pay close attention, and I hear a little voice in my head- “this is it! This is what you need Rebekah!” and then Mark says those magic words “free one hour consultation.”  I immediately scheduled my consultation!  The day finally comes and I am nervous and curious because I didn’t know what to expect- by the end of our conversation I am jumping up out of my chair and running to get my credit card.  I just HAD to do this, or my life was never going to change. Recently divorced and broke, I paid for my 3 month “course” without hesitation.  It was and is the most valuable investment I have ever made in myself.  A little over 4 months ago I was on the verge of really running my life into the ground.  Not sleeping at night, taking (long) naps during the day, questioning my life, no goals, severe anxiety, heart palpitations, shaky hands during the day, simply depressed.  I was really struggling in my real estate career as well and barely making ends meet.  It seemed like everything and everywhere I went, I was running into road blocks and problems, and I had begun to believe that my life was always going to be a struggle.  And then I had my first coaching session with Mark.

We started with “personality tests” and gave me an assignment to work on for that week and it HAD to be completed by the next call or we were not moving on.  Almost instantly I started to feel better and get excited about what was ahead of me.  I diligently listened, took notes, and did every assignment he handed to me.  Each call was a building block off of what we talked about previously.  He didn’t just throw everything at me at once- he took his time and made sure I understood what he was teaching me.  I remember telling him about 2 weeks into the coaching “I’m starting to feel high speed again!”  His coaching was much more than a phone call every week- it was interesting assignments, he gave me the book Think and Grow Rich, which I carry with me every single day, several audio discs, emails, quotes of the day, videos… it was a full and enriching experience every single day!

Mark taught me about relaxation techniques, breathing exercises to help me focus and calm down- of which I still and will always use.  I use the plural term because he gave me several different ways to relax my mind and body.  He taught me about the power of believing in yourself, the power of action and reaction.  He taught me that I do have control over my life, and if I really wanted it- I will make it happen.  This is just to name a few things- there is so much more that his coaching teaches you.

My life has transformed into a beautiful and wondrous experience.  Now- my real estate career is THRIVING! I am so busy that I will need to hire an assistant mid 2012. I discovered that my painting ability can and is more than a hobby.  I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in my life 5 months ago, now I have had one art show, sold over 8 pieces, had a gallery in Issaquah request my work, competing to design a wine label, more shows scheduled, more requests for work and I have been in contact with galleries in Spokane, Seattle and New York.  I am driving a 2011 Dodge Challenger, MY DREAM CAR!!!  I continue to make ends meet and every day is a bright and hopeful day.  I wake up every morning excited and happy to start the day, I no longer sleep my days away.  I am a much better and happier mother.  I am teaching my 3 year old son about gratitude and he loves it.  My friendships and bonds with family have gotten stronger and stronger.  I have my goals in place and I am reaching every single one of them.  Now I believe there is no stopping me, nothing holds me back any more… all because of the decision to sign up with Mark and give it a chance.  My life is crazy busy, and I am the happiest I have ever been.  I can’t thank Mark enough for his guidance and teaching.  I tell as many people as I can about him and what life coaching can do for you- all you have to do is just….. Try!

Rebekah Littlefield