25 Things to Remember When Life Gets Rough

25 Things to Remember When Life Gets Rough --Marc and Angel It is your resistance to “what is” that causes your suffering. – Remember, happiness is allowing yourself to be perfectly OK with “what is,” rather than wishing for and worrying about “what is not.”  “What is” is what’s supposed to be, or it would not be.  The rest is just you, arguing with life.  Think about that for a minute.  This means your suffering only ever occurs when you resist how things are.  You cannot control … [Read more...]

Doing What’s Best for Us Even if Other People Don’t Like It

Doing What’s Best for Us Even if Other People Don’t Like It By Zachary Goodson   What other people think of me is none of my business.” ~Wayne Dyer I got the call late one Sunday afternoon while sitting at work. “Babe, your toilet tub and shower are backed up.” What? “It’s bad babe, and getting worse.” Okay, I thought, I’ll call my landlord. “Hello, this is so and so and you’ve got my voicemail. Please leave me a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can.” Damn. … [Read more...]


"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." - Wayne Dyer   … [Read more...]

Something for Nothing==Getting Nothing for Something

The one who tries to get something for nothing generally winds up getting nothing for something. Those who think they can get by in life without providing the same amount of value for value received will eventually find themselves working harder than ever to deceive others and receiving very little in return. Life has a funny way of evening the score. In the long run, you will get in the same measure you give. Spend your time on productive, positive efforts; give generously of your time and … [Read more...]

Developing Confidence Without Becoming Arrogant

Developing Confidence Without Becoming Arrogant ByAlexandra Hope Flood “What you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you.” ~Seneca I used to labor under the gross illusion that confidence was elusive, like a Sasquatch. Or fleeting, like a shooting star. It’s there for a moment, then poof!—gone. Did I dream it?  To deepen this illusion, I believed that only a select few were anointed with confidence by an unseen hand upon their birth (this same … [Read more...]

Money is the Byproduct

“Money is the byproduct of strategic thinking and problem solving. The more strategic your thinking, the more money you’ll make. The bigger problem you solve, the richer you’ll get” --Steve Siebold … [Read more...]

What’s My Next Action

“I learned I can solve all this worry and decision-making anxiety by taking action. By admiring action. By having action plans, by asking, whenever stuck, WHAT’S MY NEXT ACTION? And then, doing that action NOW. Action. Movement. Decisive energy. Solves most everything!” ~ Steve Chandler   from Time Warrior … [Read more...]

Negative Thinking

A negative mind never attracts happiness or material success, but it will attract their opposites. You may trick yourself into believing that you are only playing devil’s advocate or searching for weaknesses in apparently good ideas, but in the end negative thinking always produces negative results. Just as your mind will work tirelessly to translate your positive thoughts into their physical equivalent, it will work equally hard to create negative results when all of your thoughts are … [Read more...]

Use it or Lose it

"God gives everyone certain attributes, characteristics, talents, and then He says, "If you use what you have I'll increase it, but if you don't use it, you'll lose it." Use it or lose it; it's a law." -- Charlie "Tremendous" Jones … [Read more...]

Range Limitless

Range Limitless by Napoleon Hill The range of purposes on which man can successfully direct his mind, through concentration, is limitless. Every living creature below man concentrates its efforts on but two ends, reproduction and food. Other physical manifestations of the law of concentration are seen in the sun that sets and rises with uninterrupted regularity—water that flows downhill in response to the law of gravitation—the seasons of the year which inevitably come—and every living … [Read more...]